FunGenerationLab Privacy Policy

FunGenerationLab SIA believes that information personal to you should be private and protected. FunGenerationLab is committed to protecting your personal information and using it only as appropriate to provide you with the best possible information about our products and news. This privacy policy, which describes our information practices and policies in detail, applies to our relationship with you if you are an individual who inquires about and/or obtains products or services from us for personal, family or household purposes. This Privacy Policy may be modified at any time without notice to you. Please review this policy each time you visit us or use any of our tools or services.

Information We Disclose to Third Parties
From time to time, FunGenerationLab may contact you on behalf of our corporate partners, sponsors and other game related entities. Our sole purpose in these instances is to provide you with information about their products, services and events. Please notify FunGenerationLab if you do not wish to receive such information.

Information Security
We restrict access to personal information about you to those employees who need to know that information in order to provide products and services to you. We maintain electronic and procedural safeguards to guard your personal information.

Data Collection
When you install an Affiliated Application on your device that uses our Service, we may automatically collect certain information from your device, including an Android, Apple iOS, or other ID, device make and model, mobile web browser type and version, IP address, MAC address, the device’s operating system’s make and version, locale information, MCC (Mobile Country Code) information, the mobile application name, a list of mobile applications installed on your device and other technical data about your device.

When you install an Affiliated Application, you may also grant the mobile application permission to collect certain types of information via a permission screen consent process.

We do not control the permission screen consent process – it is typically run by your mobile operating system (e.g., Android or Apple iOS); HOWEVER, ONCE SUCH PERMISSION IS GRANTED BY YOU ON AN OPT-IN BASIS, WE MAY COLLECT SOME, BUT NOT ALL, OF THE INFORMATION THAT A MOBILE APPLICATION COLLECTS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PERMISSIONS YOU GRANT. FOR EXAMPLE, IN ACCORDANCE WITH YOUR PERMISSION TO THE AFFILIATED APPLICATION, WE MAY COLLECT PRECISE GEOLOCATION, BROWSER HISTORY, COUNTRY, ZIP CODE AND DEVICE IDS (INCLUDING IMEI, DEVICE SERIAL NUMBER AND MAC ADDRESS) AND/OR ANY OTHER PERSONAL OR IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (THE “PERSONAL INFORMATION”). We or our data partners may also obtain information from other sources and combine that with information we collect through our Service. For example, we may collect one of the unique identifiers associated with your mobile device as listed above and demographic or interest preference information from other companies and combine that with information we collect through the Service to allow our customers to deliver advertisements that may be of interest to you on your mobile device or to identify you on other devices or browsers.

You may be required to complete online registration forms that provide us with contact information (such as your name and street address), your email address, and your phone numbers.

We may, from time to time, send you emails regarding our service so that we can directly communicate with you regarding issues we determine to be relevant.

Any information that you submit to us remains your property. However, we may use it for the purposes described herein.

Service. We reserve the right to use the information (including Personal Information) we collect, in order to administer, operate, and continuously improve our Service. We may also use the information to monitor and analyze trends, usage and activities in connection with our Service. Provided, however, that no Personal Information shall be disclosed to third parties within the scope of this clause, other than FunGenerationLab’s trusted affiliates which are responsible for supporting or enhancing our Services, and for such purposes only. For this purpose, although we do not hold an official or self-issued certificate, we strive to abide by the Safe Harbor rules under

Advertisements. We reserve the right to use the Personal Information (and/or any other applicable information) we collect to create, market and distribute anonymized audience segments to third parties. We will share the Personal Information (and/or any other applicable information) we collect with unaffiliated third party advertisers and marketers for purposes unrelated to the original consumer transaction. We or our data partners may customize personalized content and advertisements and connect certain demographic or other data about you (received from third parties) to data we have collected from you, such as your mobile device identifier or IP address. For this purpose, although we do not hold an official or self-issued certificate, we strive to abide by the Safe Harbor rules under

Aggregate Information. We compile aggregated information about our users to better optimize our Service, preferences, and to assist in our marketing efforts. We may also share aggregated data about our user base including the number of users that we have, certain trends, statistical data, etc., without disclosing any Personal Information.

Other parties
By installing this app you agree to the following Privacy Policies:

In addition to other information described in this policy, we may collect and share precise location information, through methods such as mobile “SDKs”. This location information may be used by itself, aggregated, or combined with mobile identifiers (such as IDFAs and Android IDs), and shared with third parties, for purposes related to advertising, attribution (e.g., measuring ad performance) analytics and research. You can remove your consent to having your location data collected by changing the settings on your device.(Certain services may lose functionality as a result.) You can opt-out from any interest-based advertising through your device settings. When you have opted out using this setting on a device, advertisers will not use in-app information collected from that device to infer your interests or serve ads to that device that are targeted based on your inferred interests.

Ongoing Access to Privacy Policy
This policy may change from time to time, but you can always review our current policy on our website or by contacting us at:
FunGenerationLab SIA
12A Purva street, Valmiera, LV-4201, Latvia